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Letter to the editor: Vote for Bruce Gibson 

letter to the editor

To the editor,

I am writing to urge voters to support Bruce Gibson for District 2 San Luis Obispo County Supervisor. We are fortunate to have this person offering his services once again on our behalf.

As the SLO County Auditor-Controller at the time, I remember when Bruce first arrived on the Board. All of a sudden, my phone started ringing and I received emails with questions from the District 2 offices. I realized, “This is different, this is a guy that actually reads, and thinks critically about the mountains of material that County bureaucrats dump on the Supervisors for each public meeting agenda.” And he has never stopped doing that.

I have lived in SLO County for about 55 years, served 7 years as the Assistant Auditor-Controller, and I served 22 years as the elected Auditor-Controller. I believe that Bruce Gibson may be the smartest and hardest working county supervisor that we have ever had.

Mr. Gibson has a long record of working on behalf of poor and middle-class taxpayers while being sensitive to the needs for vibrant profitable businesses. He is a champion of our beautiful environment. He has shown prudent balanced leadership in so many ways, including carefully protecting the tight county budget, a matter both he and I believe is imperative.

Please join me in support of Bruce Gibson for District 2 Supervisor.


Gere W Sibbach, CPA (ret), SLO County Auditor-Controller (ret),
Current Elected Treasurer, City of Atascadero

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