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Heritage Credit Repair

1303 E. Grand Ave #101, Arroyo Grande CA
1303 East Grand Avenue Arroyo Grande California 93420 US
(805) 619-5131(805) 619-5131

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Arroyo Grande Location:

1303 E Grand Ave #101
Arroyo Grande, CA 93420
Mon to Thurs 9am-5pm

Santa Maria Location:
722 e Main Street #105
Santa Maria, CA 93454
Fridays 9am – 5pm

Dedicated to assisting consumers deal effectively with debt and credit concerns and protecting the rights of our clients through legal means whenever credit bureaus, creditors or collection agencies violate state and or federal mandates.


The Heritage Group was born as a result of the owners’ own credit and debt issues in the mid-80’s. Faced with bankruptcy and the closure of his small retail store, he contacted his creditors and offered them an equal share of what little money was available.  The negotiation was successful and bankruptcy was avoided.  With a new understanding of how creditors could be dealt with, he advertised to assist consumers with similar problems and soon had a book of business that has continued to grow to this day.  Although the protocol has changed many times over the years, our thrust is and always will be how we can best serve consumers dealing with credit and debt issues.  Now with the addition of an attorney that specializes in consumer rights, the Heritage Group has proudly assisted many people improve their credit profile, increase their FICO score and given back thousands of dollars to our clients whose rights were violated. We believe we are the only Credit Repair company that utilizes this very unique business model.  The Heritage Group has two offices serving the Central Coast and visualize more offices throughout California in the near future.

Typical credit repair companies use “dispute letters” that simply question debt ownership.  This rarely works and is usually untruthful since, the consumer probably did possess the debt. It will sometimes result in a deletion of the unwanted entry on the credit report but will soon reappear causing the consumer a great deal of frustration, wasted time and money.

The Heritage Group has an extremely unique business model that utilizes several different approaches depending on the type of entry.  For example; judgments, bankruptcies, collections, liens, foreclosures and identity theft are all approached in a different manner.  Additionally, we have identified no fewer than 14 areas where errors are typically made on a credit report.  Armed with this information we are able to raise legitimate questions that result in the entry being corrected or removed as opposed to just sending a “dispute” letter and hoping for the best. Finally, we conduct forensic analysis of credit reports with an eye on possible illegal reporting (which is very, very common).  When these are identified, our clients’ cases will be turned over to our attorney for litigation.  This often results in the deletion of the entry (never to go back on) and a cash award for our client as well!  Our attorney does not charge our clients for his service. The Heritage Group also attempts to educate consumer to avoid common mistakes that will often result in a poor credit rating.  We are not aware of any company that employs our protocol or enjoys our success.


With over 25 years of Consumer Debt and Credit experience, the Heritage Credit Repair team, which includes an aggressive legal department, is positioned to assist consumers with a poor credit history and debt concerns to enjoy all the benefits that are derived from having a decent FICO score.


With our amazing record of results and satisfaction, Heritage Credit Repair has earned the respect, admiration, and most importantly, a close business relationship with major banks and lenders. These and other finance professionals routinely send their clients to us knowing they will be handled with care and respect.


Dispute letters don’t work. Inferior companies will send dispute letters and with only 30 days to comply with the dispute request, the derogatory entry will come off but then it goes right back on again. This has proved to be a constant source of irritation to consumers who are paying monthly to their credit repair company. Our highly trained professionals are able to conduct a forensic analysis of your credit report and translate the results into a workable program designed to offer optimal results.


Poor credit is sometimes the result of no credit. If you need to build a credit history, Heritage has the answer for you! Contact us right away for credit card offers and lines of credit that will improve your score.


Need cash? Our legal department can determine if your rights, as determined by the FDCPA have been violated. If so, it could result in an award (cash) that we share with our clients. If you are dealing with debt or collection issues, please call us right away! There is no charge for this service.


With Heritage Credit Repair, There are no “up-front” fees, no monthly fees, and no membership fees, which translate into no worries for you!


Thank you very much! I have been quite pleased with your service and happy to report that my credit is much improved. I received an updated copy of my Experian credit report today and I was astonished, they deleted six out of nine negative entries… in less then two months! now that’s what I call great service. I can’t wait to see the negative entries continue to fall off my other reports as well.. thank you Heritage Credit Repair.

– Luis Prado, San Luis Obispo

Dear Heritage Group,

I just wanted to thank you for your help with my credit. We started in mid May of this year and in less than two months the results have been terrific! There was originally 12 negative items on my credit report and my score was in the low 600s. Now eleven of the items are removed, with only one left and my score is 700s! Thanks guys, you really did an outstanding job for me!

– Damon Kettleson, Arroyo Grande

My name is Joe M. Gomez.  I came to the Heritage Group in June of ’12 looking for solutions.  Like many others, I was having issues increasing my credit score.  I sat down with Derek and discussed my concerns.  Derek explained what the Heritage Group had to offer.  I agreed to accept their services.  My issue was that I was financially held back by a credit score in the mid-500’s.  Obviously, with a low credit score, no way could I try to get a mortgage loan.  I couldn’t even apply for a credit card.  Derek and the group went to work.  My credit sure had changed in two years.  However, in just 45 days the Heritage Group helped raise my score by 100 points.  In less than 2 months I now have the confidence to apply for a credit card.  As well as begin to look at purchasing a home.  I would like to thank Derek and the Heritage Group for their services.

– Joe Gomez, Grover Beach


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